Serial numbers

When you install SoftMaker FreeOffice, you must input a serial number. This serial number was sent to you from SoftMaker by e-mail upon registration.


Don't have the serial number?

If you do not have the serial number, visit the FreeOffice download page, select the desired product variant and initiate the download. This will cause the server to send you a serial number by e-mail. It's free, of course.

If you do not know the serial number anymore, please scan your e-mail inbox for this e-mail from SoftMaker and use the data contained therein. In case you cannot find this e-mail anymore, please visit the FreeOffice download page and register for a new serial number.


Serial number invalid?

If SoftMaker FreeOffice refuses to accept the serial number and displays "Invalid serial number", this can have the following reasons:

  1. You entered a serial number that does not match the product you try to install. For example, you cannot use a beta version's serial number with the full version of SoftMaker FreeOffice. Solution: Use the correct serial number.

  2. In addition to the serial number, you also must input your name and e-mail address in exactly the same spelling as is displayed in the e-mail with the serial number. Even if there is a typo in your name or your e-mail address has changed, you still need to enter it exactly as shown in the e-mail from SoftMaker.

In case you are still unable to resolve your problem, please contact our support team by e-mail to


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